SEO Content Writing

SEO Content Writing

Any website that is striving for a larger reach will have to make use of SEO to rank higher on search engines like Google and Bing. As a company, you may already have a Content Writer employed. But as your page grows, so does the need for content that is SEO-friendly.

We provide SEO content writing services that are sure to enhance your website. Coming from an iGaming content background has given us valuable insight into SEO as the industry is extremely competitive. We’ve helped create pages that made it to the top of Google’s search results.

So, how did we do that? By creating compelling content of course. Although there’s more to SEO than content, it surely plays a vital part. Without SEO-optimized content, there’s no chance your page will be able to compete with the top websites.

By using our SEO content services you’ll have one thing less to think about.

Reach the shore with our SEO content sailors.

We speak English and Swedish

Our focus lies in creating content of the best quality. In order to do that, we only work with native speakers who know the language inside out. For this reason, we currently only offer content writing in Swedish and English.

If you’re looking to enter the Swedish market we’ll have your content ready faster than you can say: “sju sjösjuka sjömän”, or “sex laxar i en laxask”.

With that said, our sailors are never sick as their salmons are always eaten fresh – pun intended.

Let us help you navigate the sea of information that the internet is. We always reach the shore with our flag on top.

Our expert writers have over 20 years of experience combined. We know everything about SEO, how to write content and keep up up with the latest E-E-A-T standards to ensure you get the best possible website content.

Our SEO content writers focus on quality rather than speed. With that said, you can expect a daily output of at least 3,000 words depending on our workload.

Our content writing rates vary depending on your order. The more you order, the cheaper it gets. If you can guarantee steady volumes we can offer better prices.


Jacob Juntunen is an expert writer with years and years of experience creating SEO content.
With a deep knowledge of iGaming, crypto and marketing, he consistently delivers copy that converts.
As the main author, and owner, of SEO Content Service he wants to help companies forward in an ever-devloping internet landscape.